Now that you have California health insurance…

You’ve analyzed and assessed and finally chosen a California health insurance company like that you believe is the best fit for you and your family’s health and financial needs.  What comes next?

Plenty! You have certain responsibilities but also need to actively access all your insurer has available.

If you have an individual plan that requires you to pay a monthly premium, it is important that you pay in full and on time. If you do not, you risk cancellation of your health insurance and that would leave you financially exposed.  If you haven’t put your California health insurance premiums on an automatic payment plan, consider doing so now. The peace of mind it will give you is considerable.

Health insurance benefits

What benefits does your health insurance company offer that you are not taking advantage of? If you want to stop smoking, do they have a program for that? Is there support for a weight loss program? How about managing stress? So many insurers now understand that investing in programs to help their insureds live more healthfully pays off in fewer claims. That’s why so many of them are offering programs to support your living a more healthy lifestyle. Check it out!

Do you know how to use your California health insurance?  There will be rules you will need to follow, such as getting prior authorization for certain treatments, or getting approval to go out of network for a provider. Knowing the rules will help prevent being saddled with huge bills that you did not expect.

You may find a long wait for a primary care physician in your California insurance company’s network of providers. Begin to establish a relationship with a PCP right away so that you are not stuck without one in an emergency. A little thinking ahead goes a long way.

Get preventive care from your health insurance

Be sure to get the preventive care you are due, most of it at no cost. Preventive and wellness care are important parts of staying healthy and keeping your medical expenses low.  There is no reason to put this off if it is so easy and often free.

Have you budgeted for your share of medical expenses? Most people do not, but it would be smart to do so.  Medical expenses are the primary reason for personal bankruptcy. These individuals failed to adequately plan and when hit with huge medical bills they could not pay were forced into declaring bankruptcy.